Monkey and Me

Monkey and Me

Publication Date: 26 Feb 2014

ISBN 9780143308232

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The chimpanzee gazed at me and then opened the palm of its hand. Using two fingers of its other hand it pretended to scoop up make-believe food into its mouth. It was talking to me! Telling me it was hungry. I had found a monster in the haunted house and it was asking for my help. How great was that? This was a secret worth more than anything. 'Don't be scared,' I whispered. 'I'll look after you.' When nine-year-old Beanie discovers a scared and hungry chimpanzee in a deserted house he vows to protect him. But where did Malcolm the chimp come from, how does he know sign language and who are the sinister men pursuing him? One brave boy, one escaped chimpanzee, one adventure of a lifetime.