Publication Date: 29 Aug. 2022
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9780645316827

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    Reviews and Awards

    ‘Scavengers is a spectral thriller of (modern) Promethean dimensions. A lightning-powered Frankenstein’s monster of a novel that stitches hard-boiled noir with classic horror. Gruesome and intelligent, with a disinterred heart of uniquely Australian grit.’
    J. Ashley-Smith, Shirley Jackson Award-winning author of Ariadne, I Love You and
    The Attic Tragedy

    ‘Robert Hood, a fantasist of the highest order and one of the best damn wordsmiths working in Australia today, has combined horror and hard-boiled crime fiction into a genre-bending, spine-chilling chimera of a novel that will keep you up all night!’
    Jack Dann, multiple award-winner, editor and author of international bestsellers such as The Memory Cathedral, The Rebel, and The Man Who Melted.

    ‘Robert Hood, master of horror, has turned to crime. In Scavengers, he deftly stitches the body horrors of Frankenstein’s creation into the fabric of a chilling murder mystery. This archetypal battle between humanity and monstrosity pits a laconic, haunted PI against a psychotic serial killer. I couldn’t put it down.’
    Janeen Webb, multiple award-winning author of Death at the Blue Elephant,
    The Dragon’s Child, and The Five Star Republic (with Andrew Enstice)

    Mike Crowe doesn’t believe in ghosts, but it seems there’s one ghost that believes in him. But can Mike escape the attention of a serial killer long enough to help her? A not-exactly legal PI, Crowe is blackmailed into tracking down a serial killer known as The Scavenger. At the same time, he finds himself increasingly plagued by visions – and eventually visitations – of a young girl he failed to save from being murdered a decade before. Are these things connected? Crowe must scavenge through the debris of a world going to pieces around him – at first just to survive, then to find answers to questions he’d rather hadn’t been asked.