Publication Date: 13 Mar 2017
Beautiful Books

ISBN 9780646440507

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Beautiful: beauty tips for the soul is a book that invites and challenges the accepted view that beauty revolves around a person's outward appearance. Beauty is the whole package: body, soul and spirit. This book concentrates on helping young women to develop character, strength and resilience, which in turn creates a beautiful character. There are three sections: Made Unique, Building Character, Shining Brightly This relates to a journey from who you are created to be to fully living out your potential as a young woman. Every chapter has stories and beautiful photos. They include a section called SOAP. SOAP is a group of Scriptures to reflect upon and an observation, an application and ends with a simple prayer. The final page of each chapter contains a quote from one of the greats: Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu and others.