Francesco and Francesca

Francesco and Francesca

Publication Date: 15 Nov 2018
For Pity Sake Publishing

ISBN 9780648283959

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Francesco is a poor Italian boy who has no shoes. He meets a girl called Francesca and together they go to the Grand Carnival in Milan. Francesco dresses as a brigand in hand-me-down shoes. In a bid to impress Francesca, he swaps costumes with a velvet prince, with red leather shoes to match.

About the Author

Bettina Ehrlich (1903 - 1985) was an artist in Vienna, Austria, and studied at The Vienna School of Applied Arts.Her books were first published in Austria in 1932. In 1938 she and her husband, the famous sculptor Georg Ehrlich, fled the Nazis and settled in London.Her first book to be published in England was in 1943.Bettina wrote and illustrated many lovely books for children in her own inimitable style. 

Australian publishing house, For Pity Sake Publishing purchased the rights to 6 of Bettina Ehrlich’s picture books. Francesco and Francesca is the first of the six to be released.