The Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower

Publication Date: 1 Dec 2019
Serenity Press

ISBN 9780648589150

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At 22, Sage Rampion has led a strange and cloistered life. She’s been homeschooled, and she’s never watched TV, owned a phone or spoken to a man by herself. Everything she’s seen, read and watched has been vetted by her grandmother Andrea, a hardline old-school feminist and Professor of Women’s Studies. Lately, though, her grandmother’s haven has begun to feel like. prison. Sage timidly rebels by growing her hair and trying to connect with other young people. When she falls for artist’s model Ryan, she starts asking questions about the beautiful teenage mother who abandoned her. Why has her mother never been in touch, and why does Sage know so little about her? But digging up the past means challenging Andrea about what she’s been hiding and why. What Sage learns from her grandmother makes her realise she needs to escape and seek the truth herself. Not just to learn about her mother, but to figure out who she wants to be.