Ella and the Exploding Fish

Publication Date: 1 Feb. 2020
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9780648702436

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    Reviews and Awards

    "Sceptics will think that children don't need this book, but in a world where children are becoming more socially aware and conscious of what's going on, we can't afford to not have a book like this available to young minds." Jess Just Reads.

    What is this picture story book about?

    Join Ella and her sister, Ava, as they discover the joy of caring for a marine creature. Yet it isn’t all joy, as the sisters soon learn. Their beloved fish appear to thrive in only one type of environment ... but why are both fish getting bigger? 

    This light-hearted and genuinely surprising book will keep you and your little ones on their toes until the very end! Designed to be both humorous and moving, it also teaches an important lesson about personal responsibility.

    An excerpt from the story

    When Ella and Ava got home, they put their fish in their new homes and decorated their tanks.

    The next morning, they woke up early to check how their fish were going. But something wasn't quite right.

    "Do you think our fish look a bit bigger today?" asked Ella.

    "I'm not sure? Maybe we should feed them a bit less?" replied Ava.

    "Good idea!" said Ella.

    Ava woke up the next day to Ella squealing.

    "Come quick! COME QUICK!" Ella yelled. "Something's happened!"