When Grandma was the Moon

Publication Date: 1 Oct. 2020
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9780648702481

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    What is this picture book about? 

    Gazing from an elevated window above the cityscape, a child stares into the warmly-lit windows of their neighbouring apartments. Anchored above the rows of civilisation is the wise but weathered stare of the moon. Is their Grandma up there? Indeed, she is, and little ones will let their imagination take flight as they wander through the endearing world that their precious grandparent calls home.

    Who is this book for?

    If you’re looking for a children’s book about death or the loss of a loved one, then this gorgeous story has been shaped just for you by our widely-acclaimed author, Stuart French. 

    An excerpt from the story

    "Did you know the moon’s an artist and she paints with the evening light. She gathers the world’s colours and hides them beneath the night.

    Did you know the moon’s a lady and she dances through the evening. She gathers the tides of the ocean and their movement is her breathing.

    Did you know the moon is watching and the clouds hold her thoughts so tight. She gathers all your kindness and turns it into light.

    Oh, did you know the moon's a teacher and she times her class to the rolling tides. She gathers all the children and gazes inside their minds.

    I know the moon's an artist and she's in my room tonight. She saw that I was lonely and she began to shine so bright.

    I know the moon's a grandma and her stories keep me warm. She felt that I was crying and my little heart was torn.

    I know the moon's awake and she found my dreams among the clouds. She saw that my eyes were raining and she sang to me out loud..."

    On the issue: How to talk to your children about death

    Talking about death with our children, especially if we ourselves are grieving, is one of the most challenging tasks for parents and carers. What should we say? What shouldn't we say? Should we say nothing? Do children even understand what death is? Team Ethicool recently spoke to clinical psychologist Dr. Bec Jackson about how to talk to children about death, what they actually understand about it, and how to help them process it in their own unique way. Read more in our compelling expose: How to talk to your children about death.