Purrfect Pitch

Publication Date: 19 Sep. 2020
Gumnut Press

ISBN 9780648709169

Format: Paperback

11.81 11.81 AUD


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A warm-hearted, fun filled rom-com novella laden with love, music…and catsWhen his ringing doorbell wakes Devlin Jones from a post birthday party hangover, he finds a beautiful singing telegram dressed as a kitten on the other side. She leaves him intrigued and confused in equal measures. His mysterious songstress has the voice of an angel and the devil’s own temper to match. Katherine ‘Kat’ Grant has one dream, and that’s singing. To achieve it, she needs admission to the exclusive Perdies College of Music. Kat’s adolescent years were difficult, being dependant on the charity of others left her with a fierce independent streak and a loathing of special treatment. She’ll succeed on her own merits without anyone’s help, especially the cheeky, alluring Devlin who seems to have squeezed himself into every aspect of her life. Devlin knows he has the power to make all of Kat’s dreams come true. But wielding that power means he could lose her forever.Can a charismatic cat loving hero and his sassy stubborn singer find their own love song?