Grandma's Knicker Tree

Publication Date: 1 Dec. 2020
Format: Hardback
For Pity Sake Publishing

ISBN 9780648758754

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    At a time of social distancing, gardens, the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren, and creative problem-solving are more important than ever! 

    'Grandma's Knicker Tree' celebrates all of these things. The story starts with a tree in Grandma's back garden that grows lots of different types of knickers all year round. The only knickers Grandma nips in the bud before they can fruit are old man's Y fronts and Crankypants. These are simply not allowed.

    Grandma shares the 'fruits' of the knicker tree with her family throughout the year, but especially at fun occasions like Christmas and family parties in the garden. One day she is horrified to find the knickers strewn all over the garden, and with Grandpa and the three grandchildren, she sets out to find the culprits. They turn out to be a family of playful possums. The local ranger humanely re-homes the possums to the bush, a net is installed to cover the tree and all is once again right with the world and Grandma’s Knicker Tree.

    BACK COVER SUMMARY: When our dads say, 'Money doesn’t grow on trees you know,' Grandma smiles and says, 'Mmm, but knickers do.' WHAT?! Grandma’s got an underpants tree? She sure has and you know what else? It blooms all year round with all kinds of knickers to suit everyone in the family. But one morning, Grandma finds her precious tree has been attacked, with knickers strewn all over the garden. Grandpa and the grandkids spring into action, setting up an after dark stakeout. Will the kids be able to stay awake long enough to find out whodunnit? 'Grandma's Knicker Tree' is a warm, lighthearted children's book emerging at a time when many grandparents are separated from their grandchildren, and backyard gardens are the only outdoor spaces afforded to those in lockdown.