The Bards of Birchtree Hall

Publication Date: 15 Nov. 2020
Format: Paperback
Daisy Lane Publishing

ISBN 9780648825333

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    Neala Moran knew that moving to Ireland would change her life…but she never imagined this. From the moment she arrives, strange things start to happen – things she cannot explain. Why did her unusual birthmark - the pale one in the shape of a leaf – start hurting the moment she touched that tree? How is a gigantic horse with glowing yellow eyes materialising from the ocean? And who is the mysterious visitor who speaks to her in her dreams calling her ‘Neala Stormbringer?’ Neala also discovers a long held family secret - she is a Bard. Part-human, part-Faerie - ancient magic flows in her blood and she now must learn to control her elemental powers to discover the meaning behind her affinity with thunderstorms. Because danger is coming…a threat that no one is prepared for. The Otherworld – home of the Fae and other magical creatures – has been sealed off for centuries by a magical barrier known as ‘The Gate.’ But it will not hold forever… The Guardians are being summoned. Their purpose is to protect. Will Neala risk everything to save the ones she loves? Or will she turn her back on her destiny?