She Has My Heart

Publication Date: 11 Aug. 2020
Shawline Publishing Group

ISBN 9780648827658

Format: Paperback

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Sophie feels disenchanted by life, wondering if this all there is? The routine of a twenty-year marriage; habitual, predictable. Something missing. Something of her inner-self.At an art show, Annie enters the room and Sophie can feel her eyes watching the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. When she turns, they lock eyes. Annie’s intense gaze beneath the wild blonde curly hair. Sophie feels drawn to her; feels they have met before. What is it about this woman? One glance and Sophie cannot stop thinking about the mysterious wild haired woman with intense eyes. Annie will open up new world’s for Sophie. World’s where Sophie will come alive beyond anything she has imagined. An awakening will occur. A friendship will form that bridges deeper into one another’s souls neither will expect, nor deny. Sophie has never experienced love like this; being intimate with Annie creates new pleasures and desires of which she never knew she had longed so deeply for all her life. Her past will be measured against the future as love grows between them and the ultimate choices for happiness or despair will be chosen by Sophie…