Wounded Brains: True Survival Stories

Wounded Brains: True Survival Stories

Publication Date: 1 Aug 2010
Lerner Publishing Group

ISBN 9780822587040

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• A triathlon athlete has part of her skull removed to relieve the pressure on her injured brain after a car accident.
• A soldier, wounded by a mortar explosion in Iraq, works with doctors to retrain his brain so he can speak and walk again. 
• Doctors have discovered that administering extra doses of two chemicals naturally produced by the body can help prevent additional neuron damage in the brain following an injury.

That’s powerful medicine!

Explore the power of medicine through the true stories of people who survived life-threatening brain injuries. Find out how doctors and researches use the latest medical breakthroughs to save patients who have traumatic brain injuries and help them return to normal life. You’ll learn ways to protect your brain, as well as fascinating facts about the brain and how it controls the entire body.