Publication Date: 1 Feb 2013
Simon & Schuster

ISBN 9780857075086

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Two years ago ten-year-old Emma's twin sister Laura choked to death on a slice of birthday cake. Or did she? Since then life has not been the same, her parents are always arguing , her Mum is over protective and her little brother Rory seems to get all the attention. Emma thinks she's become invisible, she hates school and despite the fact that she is super bright and has a photographic memory she thinks she's really dull. She's even started to hear her sister's voice before she goes to sleep, who tries to help her face up to her problems, but without Laura really by her side Emma still feels like the loneliest girl in school. Then, someone totally different steps into her world or rather their two worlds collide. Lexi is an unpredictable force of nature. She has wild, curly red hair and she wears an eye patch. But why? What happened to her? Where is she from? She's a mystery to Emma, a mystery which slowly unravels when they become friends. Their friendship won't happen overnight and it won't happen easily but, it will be unique because they have both lost something. They have both lost something that they have to learn to live without. Secrets uncovered, mysteries unravelled and a friendship to last forever. This is a story about grief, friendship and identity.