Why People Live Where They Do

Publication Date: 8 Jan. 2018
Trocadero Publishing

ISBN 9780864271570

Format: Paperback

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For some people, where they live is a matter of what they can afford. For others, it is a question of choice. Across Australia there are many types of place. In this book we look at the many options. At present the most popular place to live is the detached house in a suburban estate. These have the advantage of space, but may require much travelling between home and work or school. Rapidly growing in popularity is the apartment, or home unit, in a high- or low-rise building. These are usually close to work and transport.Most Australians live in major cities or large regional centres; some travel the country for work or pleasure; others are homeless.A place to live means something different to every person. Be it large or small, close or remote, where people live is vital to their wellbeing and happiness.