How A Plant Grows

How A Plant Grows

Publication Date: 15 Mar 1997
Crabtree Publishing Company

ISBN 9780865057289

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Created by Bobbie Kalman, author of more than 180 bestselling children's books, Crabapples are starter non-fiction books for primary students. Each entertaining book features fascinating, easy-to-understand information along with awesome full-color photos and illustrations on animals, sea life, machinery and many other subjects kids are curious about. They also contain the all-important glossary and index young students need to do reports. Features: -- Starter non-fiction for younger readers -- Large-size photographs and simple, easy-to-understand style -- A multitude of subjects that fascinate children How a Plant Grows gives children a simple, entertaining introduction to the lives of plants from their beginnings as seeds, through their growth, to reproduction and death. Detailed illustrations accompany simple plant experiments. Other topics include: -- the parts of a plant and its life cycle -- how plants make their own food -- why leaves change color in fall