The Schoolmaster's Daughter

Format: Paperback
Golden Grain Publishing

ISBN 9780977592715

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    After a hard start in life, Jillian Schrouder has overcome the disadvantage of not being able to hear or speak. Despite that she has been introduced into normal society, there are those in the community who simply cannot accept that she is an ordinary young girl who has hopes and dreams, and who has feelings. Ted Jansen has a high regard for his teacher, Richard Schrouder, who is more like a father to him, since his own father is a hopeless drunk. But Ted cannot, or will not, understand that the Schoolmaster's daughter is intelligent and quite capable of understanding all the dreadful things he says about her. Ted has employed the schoolmaster's wife to clean his house while he is at work, but what he doesn't know is there has been a change. The person he thinks is his friend and housekeepr, whose little notes of encouragement brighten his day, is actually the person he considers an idiot.