Where Arrows Fly: The Barn Chronicles #2

Boom Tree Publishing

ISBN 9780980793635

Format: Hardback

22.68 22.68 AUD


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Winner of the Australasian CALEB Children's Book Prize 2011. Book Two of the multi-award-winning The Barn Chronicles series by N.Z author Rosie Boom.
Read about the continuing adventures of the Boom family and the everyday joys and challenges of the simple life.

As eleven-year-old Milly and her family begin their second year of living in the ninety-year-old barn, Milly has never been happier.

While Dad and Mum are busy building the new family home, the children are messing about on the land. Their days are full of adventures, horse riding, camping in Lantern Waste, making huts, canoeing and swimming in the river, archery and all the while, Milly's menagerie of animals continues to grow. But one thing is missing.

Milly dreams of milking her very own cow. However, when the time finally comes, Milly discovers that training a house cow is not as easy as she thought it would be.

Hardback edition, cloth spine, 90 pen and ink illustrations.

"In a world bursting with shock-value and fast-paced cheap thrills, this book is a simple piece of sunlit childhood." ~ Emma Jelsma, Scene Magazine