Where Lions Roar at Night: The Barn Chronicles #1 (3rd ed)

Boom Tree Publishing

ISBN 9780992253301

Format: Hardback

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Winner of the Australasian CALEB Children's Book Prize 2010.
Book one of the multi-award-winning The Barn Chronicles series by N.Z author Rosie Boom.

The true story of the Boom family's adventures and fun as they live in a 90-year-old barn on 11 acres. An engaging book for the whole family to enjoy. Great read aloud.

Ten-year-old Milly had always dreamed of living in the country and owning all sorts of animals. So when her parents buy a piece of land and move their six children into a ninety-year-old barn Milly can't believe her luck.

But she never imagined that living the simple life would include mucking out a filthy water tank, gathering endless supplies of firewood, clearing the land and rescuing animals in a hundred year storm.

Nor did she expect to hear deep groanings in the night.

Hardback edition, cloth spine, 90 pen and ink illustrations.

"Where Lions Roar at Night is a truly wonderful story that will be loved by all ages. It has everything - animals, family drama, exciting adventures, pioneering spirit, disaster, triumph, laughter and tears, and a wonderful New Zealand flavour. A must read!"