Where Lions Roar at Night: The Barn Chronicles

Where Lions Roar at Night: The Barn Chronicles

Boom Tree Publishing

ISBN 9780992253301

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Winner of the Australasian CALEB Children's Book Prize 2010 Book one of the multi-award-winning The Barn Chronicles series by N.Z author Rosie Boom. The true story of the Boom family's adventures and fun as they live in a 90 year old barn on 11 acres. An engaging book for the whole family to enjoy. Great read aloud. Ten year old Milly had always dreamed of living in the country and owning all sorts of animals. So when her parents buy a piece of land and move their six children into a ninety-year-old barn Milly can't believe her luck. But she never imagined that living the simple life would include mucking out a filthy water tank, gathering endless supplies of firewood, clearing the land and rescuing animals in a hundred year storm. Nor did she expect to hear deep groanings in the night. Hard back edition, cloth spine, 90 pen and ink illustrations. 226 pages.
"Where Lions Roar at Night is a truly wonderful story that will be loved by all ages. It has everything - animals, family drama, exciting adventures, pioneering spirit, disaster, triumph, laughter and tears, and a wonderful New Zealand flavour. A must read!"