Lost in A Strange Land

Lost in A Strange Land

Publication Date: 1 Feb 2016
Morris Publishing Australia

ISBN 9780992505288

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When Willamena Wombat discovered that she and three of her friends, Katie Koala, Kelly Kangaroo & Penny Possum were being sent to a Zoo in London she was nervous; and sad at leaving her other friends. She soon forgot her sadness when their cages accidentally fell out of the back of a van during their transfer to the London Zoo. They were lost in an unfamiliar and scary English forest. Searching for food in the dark forest, she detected the scent of an unfamiliar animal, and ran for her life with the animal in pursuit. There was no safe wombat burrow to hide in here. Willamena found herself at the mercy of a strange animal that came to her rescue. Can she trust this animal? How will she escape?