Courageous & Quirky: 1920's Colouring

Courageous & Quirky: 1920's Colouring

eTV Publishing

ISBN 9780992513436

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Inspired by her love of art and 1920’s fashion, this is the second book in Jennifer Reid's Courageous & Quirky Colouring series. It’s a quirky collection of art deco themed colour-ins, along with some inspirational ‘girl power’ quotes to remind you of how awesome you are! Most of us find colouring fun, but there’s something about the art deco theme that makes colouring this book even more enjoyable.

Meditative and calming, health studies have shown that colouring in actually promotes wellbeing and helps to unlock creativity. It also encourages mindfulness, helping us to leave behind our daily stresses and be completely in the moment. Rediscover your childhood joy of colouring whilst meandering through Courageous & Quirky - 1920’s colouring!