Love Tears & Autism (2nd Edition)

Publication Date: 9 Jan. 2018
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9780994497581

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    Reviews and Awards

    Enjoyed the honest and raw recount of a mothers journey about her son with autism. I appreciated the honesty that was shared by cecily. Would give many parents in the same situation hope and reassurance.

    Love, Tears & Autism spoke truthfully about the author’s experiences of her son’s autism diagnosis and the path their family then took with him. The love and tears of the title are just as evident as the autism, but what I appreciated most about this book is that some of the uglier and less socially acceptable emotions we have as humans in a tough place are also shared. It’s great to have an author include those, not glossing over them but also not flaunting them, simply saying, this is where I was and what I was feeling and it was tough

    Cecily's story is gripping, personal and honest. I recommend this book to any parent, whether they are already familiar with autism or not.

    What do you do when your dream for a ‘happy family’ isn’t working out?

    Where do you go when no one can help your child?

    When Cecily Paterson's son was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), Cecily’s life was thrown into chaos. Daily life became a daily struggle and everything she’d ever thought about love seemed to be turned upside down.

    In the end, she’d have to learn to trust God, learn to love, and do just as much learning and growing as her beautiful little boy.

    After her son’s ASD diagnosis, Cecily went looking for a book that would give her not only practical help, but also emotional support and spiritual solace. She never found it, so she wrote it. Read Love Tears & Autism if you have a child with a disability, or if your friend or family member lives with autism. Or just read it if you like a good real-life story where God's grace shines through.

    Love Tears & Autism won third prize in the 2012 Australian Christian Book of the Year (ACBOY) awards. This second edition includes updated and revised resources and a ‘Where are we now’ chapter.