Perhaps Love

Perhaps Love

Publication Date: 23 Nov 2016
Serenity Press

ISBN 9780995397699

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Best-selling novelist Melanie Ames writes romantic reads for loving hearts but her professional success with romance isn't reflected in her personal life. Experience has taught her that everlasting love is a beautiful fantasy and happy ever after is a myth. When a gorgeous Irishman with a voice like warm honey and the body of a Greek god moves in next door to where Melanie is house-sitting for her globe-trotting parents, it wakes her dormant heart with a jolt. She's not about to forget the lessons of the past and lose her head over the new neighbour. Melanie knows too well that bad boys can come in good packages. Will Liam, a dog called Cat and a cat called Shakespeare convince Melanie true love is possible off the page as well as on it?