Autism: Living With Special Needs

Publication Date: 3 Jan. 2015
Mason Crest

ISBN 9781422230299

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    Children with autism have difficulty relating to others. Autism spectrum disorder is one of the most common special needs facing children, but even experts still don't fully understand it. Some children with the condition are very intelligent, while many others have intellectual disabilities. Each child with an autism spectrum disorder is different, but all struggle to live in a world that doesn't understand them. In this book, you'll read the story of Livie and her little brother Tucker, who has autism. As Tucker tries to navigate a world he can't comprehend, he faces many challenges and Livie and her parents face challenges of their own as they try to help Tucker. You'll find out more about what its like to live in a family with someone who has this disorder and you'll get a glimpse into what it means to have autism.