Antarctica and the Arctic: Facts, Figures, and Stories

Format: Hardback
Mason Crest

ISBN 9781422238653

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    The North and South Poles have long fascinated scientists, explorers, and the general public. As more and more is learned about these unique places, they are taking on a greater importance on the world scene. In this book, learn the scientific and historical background of the Arctic and Antarctica, and come to understand why they are such a huge part of our future. You'll get a great understanding of these remote, yet vital, places ... and you won't even have to wear a parka! Ice, ice, and more ice: That's what most people think of the areas at the top and bottom of the world. But the Arctic and Antarctic are rapidly becoming the focus of world attention. Their role in climate change, their potential for energy exploration, and their place as home to amazing wildlife-to say nothing of their place in global politics-means that there has never been a better time for exploring the polar regions today.