The Greek Family Table: Connecting Cultures Through Family & Food

Publication Date: 1 Mar. 2019
Format: Hardback
Mason Crest

ISBN 9781422240441

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    The immigrant experience is one that millions of people have gone through—or are going through right now. As people from around the world find a new home, they bring with them the families they love and the traditions that bind them together. They also bring a long history of sharing meals together, eating foods and dishes that have been passed down for centuries. In this series, the shared experience of eating together becomes the framework for examining the immigrant experiences of a wide range of nationalities and cultures. Each has a unique story of what they left behind, why they had to move, and what they found when they re-settled. Meanwhile, African Americans and Native Americans each went through their own much more difficult relocation experiences and this series includes volumes on the food and culture of those important groups, too. All groups of people who have moved, for whatever reason, however, share a desire to maintain their long-held traditions while at the same time making new ones in their new homelands. Through food, family, dining, and tradition, they connect their new lives with their old ones.