Gone is Gone (Orca Wild)

Publication Date: 1 Dec. 2019
Orca Book Publishers

ISBN 9781459816855

Format: Hardback

44.95 44.95 AUD


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Gone is Gone looks at why species become endangered, how scientists are learning about endangered wildlife, what people are doing to conserve species and ways young people can help. The book is richly illustrated with unique photos that Isabelle has taken over many years of observing endangered species in the fi eld alongside the people who work to conserve them. Throughout, the author shares enchanting encounters and personal fi eld stories: watching narwhals socialize in the Canadian Arctic, getting close to a Laysan albatross raising chicks on a remote Hawaiian island, spotting a rhinoceros on safari and even swimming with sea lions in the Galápagos Islands. Gone is Gone will inform, intrigue and inspire readers to take small steps toward big changes for endangered species around the world.