Ruckus (Orca Echoes)

Ruckus (Orca Echoes)

Publication Date: 1 Dec 2019
Orca Book Publishers

ISBN 9781459817951

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Reece’s new dog, Ruckus, tears through life like a Tyrannosaurus rex. He bites everything that moves and drives Reece’s mom nuts. The puppy was Dad’s idea, to make things easier for Reece after his parents’ separation, but Ruckus is not easy at all and Mom is getting fed up. When her diamond earrings go missing, it sends the family into a tailspin. What happens when a dog swallows something precious? Reece is about to fi nd out. But they can’t give up on this little Jack Russell terror, can they? He’s family, after all. We fi rst met Reece and his family in the Orca Echoes title Where’s Burgess?