Lark and the Dessert Disaster: Orca Echoes

Lark and the Dessert Disaster: Orca Echoes

Publication Date: 2 Apr 2019
Orca Book Publishers

ISBN 9781459820678

12.95 12.95 AUD


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Lark and Connor are judges for the annual baking contest at the community center. When they arrive, they discover that someone has destroyed a contestant's entry. And not just any contestant's entry--Sophie's Sophie is Lark's best friend (she just doesn't know it yet). The twin sleuths can't simply roll with it. To save the contest they'll have to take a whisk risk and start investigating the other contestants. With the timer ticking, Lark and Connor have to find the culprit before someone actually takes the cake.

Lark and the Dessert Disaster is the fourth title in the Lark Ba Detective series, following Lark Holds the Key, Lark and the Diamond Caper and Lark Takes a Bow.