Series: Orca Soundings
Publication Date: 31 Jul. 2021
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781459830875

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    Reviews and Awards

    CM Magazine
    “Carefully crafted for reluctant readers, the novel is riveting, fast paced and suspenseful. It will especially appeal to female teen readers who will easily relate to the main character’s experiences...Kyi is deadly accurate in her characterization of teens and their code of silence. The subject matter and plot are complex, making the novel a satisfying read. Highly recommended.”
    Resource Links
    "With a solid plot and likable characters, this novel holds the reader's attention all the way through."
    "Explore[s] universal themes of truth and justice and their relation to teenage culture, with appeal to readers of all abilities."
    Canadian Book Review Annual
    "[A] tightly written hi-lo mystery...Recommended."

    ALA Popular Paperbacks | 2006 | Short-listed
    YALSA Quick Picks | 2004 | Short-listed
    Arthur Ellis Award nominee | 2003 | Short-listed
    CCBC Our Choice | 2004 | Commended
    Golden Oak nominee | 2005 | Short-listed
    PSLA Top Forty | 2003 | Short-listed

    When an adult neighbor is brutally murdered during a high-school house party, everyone in school seems to have an idea who did it, but no one will go to the police. Jen was there and saw the body and she has her own ideas about who is responsible. As a reporter for the school TV show, she decides to try and uncover the truth and discover if a classmate's increasingly violent behavior is to blame. When she and others begin digging too deeply, violence flares in the small community. Finally, Jen is forced to take a stand, one that may cost her more than she could imagine.