Demolition Derby: Tearing It Up

Demolition Derby: Tearing It Up

Lerner Publishing Group

ISBN 9781467721226

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Have you ever seen a car crash? How about dozens of car crashes all at the same time? At demolition derbies, you'll see drivers ram their cars into one another until only one car remains moving. Crowds roar and cheer as hoods and doors and other car parts fly through the air. 

Enter the Dirt and Destruction Sports Zone to learn about the history, gear, rules, strategies, and the top drivers connected to demolition derby. You'll learn: 

- What makes a great demolition derby vehicle.

- How drivers look for hits and avoid getting smashed by other cars. 

- Who popularised the sport in the United States.

- Where the biggest derby took place.

Are you into sports? Then get in the zone!