Free Range Detective Agency: Murder Most Fowl

Publication Date: 1 Sep. 2020
Little Island Books

ISBN 9781912417414

Format: Paperback

18.95 18.95 AUD


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Shady snakes, thuggish pigs, a cat in a fur coat and a mystery to be solved. The Free Range Detective Agency is on the case! Seamus the private investigator is no chicken. He's a turkey. And after the disastrous case of the Rampaging Rhinoceros, his feathers are a little ruffled. This turkey always knew he shouldn’t trust a cat in a fur coat, but when Ms Ermine comes slinking in with a clawful of cash, he just can’t say no. Soon he’s up to his beak in a case involving a sinister snake, pigs with piercings and a meerkat called Elvis. 'I laughed so much I laid an egg. GENIUS.' Dustin the Turkey A playful and brilliantly funny take on detective noir fiction with an all-animal cast of characters.