The Gift of Values Volume 2

Boom Tree Publishing

ISBN 9781921161162

Format: Hardback

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A resource for parents or teachers to use in the challenging task of teaching children values such as honesty and perseverance. Fun to use for all the family, full of stories, inspirational quotes, and creative ideas. The second book in the Gift of Values series follows the same format as Volume One and covers the following values: Forgiveness Patience Self Control Compassion Generosity Encouragement With each value there are the following sections: Once Upon a Time - stories that demonstrate some aspect of the value being studied. Think About It - questions you can ask your children to get the ball rolling. Boom Clips - personal glimpses into the Boom family. Something To Do - practical activities which will reinforce the particular value. So Said inspirational quotes that you can use to stimulate discussions with your older children. Words To Live By verses from the Bible. Dig Deeper - suggestions for further reading, and DVDs and movies to watch. Printed Hardcover in blue leather-look with silver hot foil printing. 198 pages.
"Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and wisdom in your series, The Gift of Values. I have been struggling with our morning devotions - trying to inspire our six children, who are all different ages, and trying to keep them all interested. Your book really has been an answer to prayer. I feel like God has touched my heart and kissed my forehead.
~ Joanne, New Zealand
"The Gift of Values is a valuable resource for parents in their important but often difficult task of bringing up a family and instilling good values into young lives. It is full of practical suggestions and creative ideas, drawing on the wisdom of the past, the author's experience of the present and the teaching of Scripture."
~ Dr John Sturt, Counselor, Auckland