Though the Bud be Bruised

Though the Bud be Bruised

Even Before Publishing

ISBN 9781922074072

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Can one little note, read at midnight, really trigger a chain of events that could shake the very foundation of Zara Heymer's life? Can she even grasp the horror of what has happened within her family? The shock of discovering that evil, cleverly disguised, has penetrated her home and her church has left Zara reeling. Feeling a total failure, she looks for a way to resign as a mother; a way to stop this nightmare. But her daughter, Issy, desperately needs a good mother as she attempts to face life. Can Zara put aside her grief, her own need for acceptance, her narrow thinking, and deeply ingrained religiosity in time to help Issy? Will Issy even survive? How could God allow this to happen? Is God even there? Is her faith relevant or is it just a false crutch she has lent upon all these years? Could it possibly be that this nightmare is the way God has answered her prayers? I read Though The Bud be Bruised in one sitting. Just couldn't put it down. The single best story I have ever read in terms of 'real' Christianity that is, without the usual idealised, romanticised, pious way it's supposed to be. Anne Hamilton 'A brilliant story that had to be told. Be prepared to be shocked and challenged. Mary Hawkins