Willow Farrington Bites Back

Willow Farrington Bites Back

Publication Date: 25 Feb 2017
Odyssey Books

ISBN 9781922200808

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Willow Farrington stopped eating. Why she stopped eating is anybody's guess. The fact is, she did. Now the issue is one of normality. Can life ever return to normal when you've been so close to death? And, in a world of Biggest Losers, Next Top Models, Fat Camps, airbrushing and size zeroes, is normal really the goal? One person who knows the answer is Izzy. Isaac Silberstein also knows what it's like to stop eating. He starved in concentration camps. More importantly, Izzy knows that being normal, should never revolve around being like everyone else! Join Willow and Izzy for a nice bowl of Stone Soup and help them to redefine normal!