The Fire and the Falcon: Starchild # 4

The Fire and the Falcon: Starchild # 4

Publication Date: 15 Apr 2017
Odyssey Books

ISBN 9781922200945

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With a treacherous ice journey behind them and Long’s health restored by the Healing Stone , Mai, Akra and Kalin must now find the falcon guard called Tupuck in the fireruler’s city of Calor. It’s not long before they discover the city is ruled by a ruthless Governor who has captured the falcon guard and the daughter of Ignis. The four children become soldiers in a rebellion and aid in a plan to free the falcon guard and Ignis’s daughter. All the while the dark force of Piceptus continues to gather strength. As the children fight in the rebellion Piceptus increases his position and readies himself to receive an even greater army. Will the information the falcon guard holds help to bring the children closer to fulfilling the prophecy and stop Piceptus from conquering all of the nations?