Publication Date: 15 Apr. 2021
Format: Paperback
Shawline Publishing Group

ISBN 9781922444660

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    Times were tough in 1603, when shenanigans and skulduggery were committed by locals and outsiders alike...The bleak Pennine moors of Yorkshire; a beautiful, harsh place, close to the sky, rugged and rough, no boundaries except the horizon. Green pastures and wayward hills, the colours of ochre, brown and pink in the spring. Green squares divided the land on one side of the lane; on the other, sheep with thick wool and dark snouts dotted the hills and dales. The story, set on the moors of West Yorkshire, follows wee Thomas and his family shortly after losing his father to consumption. Thomas Rushworth is now the man of the house, being the older of two sons. He is set to wed Agnes in an arranged marriage, but a bond of true love seems to be developing...