The World Beneath the Fine Print

Publication Date: 15 May 2021
Format: Paperback
Playtime Books

ISBN 9781922444745

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    A collection of short stories based in Numberville… A world hidden well below and behind and under the inside of the depths within the Cambridge maths textbook… Created by the Numbers who have tails made of digits after their decimal point… This world is only visible to those with an affection for Mathematics but the introduction of the living languages later within the stories adds a twist most unexpected. Two worlds will come together with a desire to be the preferred option to the outside world of students… And only those able to find true happiness will be those willing to accept what is, and not what is not... “An enchanting collection of stories and tales by a young and very talented new author who has created something magical around something often quite boring…well done and immensely enjoyed…” - Gail, Indiebook Reviewer