The Mind Travellers

Publication Date: 15 May 2021
Format: Paperback
Shawline Publishing Group

ISBN 9781922444950

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    A utopian adventure of courage, caring and determination far from Earth… On a mission to locate a planet suitable for habitation; it becomes apparent to the crew of the eight-person space craft that there is a more urgent answer needed than just the one to the big question they thought. Discovering a civilization with whom they can communicate at the farthest reaches of space; they attempt to build a relationship with the new colony of aliens. As they begin to connect and develop some form of bond; things once trusted become less certain and questions asked to have no answers they sought; leaving the crew with a fear they may be prevented from returning home… If they were to make it home to Earth, would the world they know understand the new civilization they have connected with, and will the powerful mining interests of the homeland bury what they have discovered…The relationship the space travellers build with this amazing race will ultimately determine the fate of both worlds in an uncertain future... This 5-book series represents a 21st Century survival allegory. “Look out George Lucas…Sci-Fi has a new author of talent and WOW, what a great first book for a series…thoroughly enjoyed and cannot wait for the second part…excellent…” - Anthony, Indiebook Reviewer