Olivia Stone and the Trouble with Trixies

Series: The Guardians of St. Giles
Publication Date: 1 Mar. 2022
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781922556424

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    The grotesques have been taken down from the roof of St. Giles Old Priory School. With the Guardians statue-trapped, there is no one left to protect Haven from the monsters.

    Despite crippling injuries from a falling statue, twelve-year-old Olivia Stone finds herself on the front lines in the battle between Good and Evil. 

    Olivia needs to rescue Yip, the smallest living grotesque and the cause of her accident, discover the hidden power locked within her, and find a way to outwit the trixies. But trixies know every trick in the book, and while they may look sweet and childlike, something nasty is drawing these solitary pests together and their pranks are turning deadly...

    Can a broken young girl and a guilt-ridden grotesque really stop the monsters? 

    A delightfully creepy story for middle grade readers, that is sure to be a hit with Goosebump fans.