No Ordinary Life

Publication Date: 2 Nov. 2021
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781922722102

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    No Ordinary Life tells the story of a young couple's experience of World War II and its influence on their lives. They left their life in Glasgow for the battlefields in France, North Africa and a small Greek Island in the Aegean, and a very different life in a German POW Camp and a timber camp in the Highlands of Scotland.

    The book is as much about the times in which they lived as it is about them. Bravery and sacrifice became part of everyday life, and not just for the men who fought; the war changed everything for women. No longer shackled by tradition and discrimination, they took on jobs that were unthinkable one day, and ordinary the next.

    No Ordinary Life is a story about the resilience of love during the violent, destructive and inhumane times of a world war that changed the lives of all of those it touched.