There's a Fax from Bruce

There's a Fax from Bruce

Publication Date: 1 Jun 2016

ISBN 9781925005660

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In the 1980s, director Bruce Beresford and producer Sue Milliken were mid-career in a world that welcomed film makers. They worked together on a number of projects, some of which never made it to the first day of filming, and stayed in touch by fax machine. As well as taking care of professional business, the faxes are chock full of industry gossip and news, ruminations on books they had read or films that they had seen. It's a fun, fascinating, informative and ultimately charming read.

'In touch with each other by fax while they flew all over the world, two brilliant Australians left a sparkling record of how they lived and worked as the film business turned into the international country we know today.' Clive James

'I devoured this correspondence between Sue and Bruce. It has all the humour and metaphors you could wish for in an intimate exchange about the angst of ever getting a film made, anywhere, any time.' Margaret Pomeranz