"Take Me to the San"

"Take Me to the San"

Publication Date: 1 Dec 2019
Signs Publishing

ISBN 9781925044904

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Even before its completion and official opening in January, 1903, the Sydney Sanitarium had admitted and treated its first patient. Situated on a hilltop in the then-rural locality of Wahroonga, the hospital’s mission would reach around the world, lead innovation in medical, nursing and ethical practice, and continue to adapt to the changing healthcare needs, environment and economy. Sydney Adventist Hospital—still affectionately known to many as “The San”—is a landmark in Sydney’s northern suburbs. A pioneer in wholistic healthcare, the hospital is committed to health of body, mind and spirit for its patients, staff and community. This is a collection of stories from the history of the San, as well as reflections on how this history has been shaped by mission and what it means to be a hospital with a mission today. Written by contributors with many years’ experience at Sydney Adventist Hospital, these are stories of “Christianity in Action”.