Dealing with Leviathan: Spirit of Retaliation

Series: Strategies for the Threshold
Publication Date: 1 Jun. 2020
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781925380279

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    Retaliation, reprisal, retribution-many of us express the ferocity of our encounters with the spirit of Leviathan with such words. Most believers are stunned by savagery of the backlash they experience, and are baffled by God's seeming failure to intervene.

    Reparation, recompense, restitution, restoration-these promised corrections to injustice are smashed just as they seem within reach. Why does this happen?

    As we examine Scripture, we find that Leviathan is an officer of God's royal court. When we violate the consecration of that Holy Place, it has the legal right to remove us. It does not do so gently.

    Dealing with Leviathan offers insight into overcoming this spirit of the deep.