The Boy in the Hoodie

The Boy in the Hoodie

Publication Date: 1 Nov 2017
Rhiza Press

ISBN 9781925563207

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One girl. One boy. And a friendship that could save them both. Good-girl Kat knew drinking alcohol at school would have serious consequences. But to protect her friend from being expelled, Kat lands herself a term's worth of detentions. Inside the detention room, she meets a strange boy whom obsessively draws dark pictures and covers his head with a grey hoodie. Little does she know, the hoodie hides a dark past ... An unlikely friendship forms between Kat and the boy in the hoodie. When she discovers a sinister truth he’s been hiding, she somehow feels compelled to help him—but at what cost? And how much is she willing to risk in order to keep him safe? The Boy in the Hoodie is a real, unforgettable story about how friendships can bring healing, fade scarring and open new wounds all at the same time.