Camp Max

Publication Date: 1 Apr. 2018
Wombat Books

ISBN 9781925563306

Format: Paperback

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Attention Campers! Seeking maximum adventure? Looking for maximum fun? You need CAMP MAX!

Tania’s all set to go on Camp! She’s planned which cabin she’ll be in, what snacks to take, she’s even arranged for her best friend Emily to come too.

There’s one small problem though: Emily’s parents gave away the money that would have bought her ticket. Luckily the town talent show offers Camp Tickets as a prize – all they have to do is win one for Emily.

But even as they rehearse to win, no one’s expecting Tania’s own ticket to go missing. And when it does, Tania knows she’s going to need more than just talent to avert maximum disaster.

Because some things are worth more than a camp ticket, and friendship is one of them.