Out of the Cages

Publication Date: 1 Jul. 2018
Rhiza Edge

ISBN 9781925563412

Format: Paperback

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Fifteen-year-old Meena has given up all hope of ever escaping the brothel. For three years she’s locked away her memories – of home, of her childhood friend, of what it means to hope. But when a botched police raid offers her a chance at freedom, Meena must face the truth about her past. As she attempts to piece her life back together, the memories she has buried deep inside begin to resurface. Meena realises escaping the brothel is only the beginning of what it means to be free. Can she face the truth in her memories? Can she return to Nepal if it means returning alone? Or will she face the red-light district one last time? ‘Sometimes it’s ourselves we need to trust again…’