Smart Girls Don't Wear Mascara

Smart Girls Don't Wear Mascara

Publication Date: 31 Jul 2018
Wombat Books

ISBN 9781925563443

17.99 17.99 AUD


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Abby Smart is planning to have the most awesome year ever. She's the leader of the Smart Girls Club and after winning the talent quest, her dream to be a musical singer looks like it might come true. And then Stella turns up, fluttering her mascara eyelashes. She’s way too cool for little old Kangaroo Valley. Worst of all, she’s making Abby’s friends like ridiculous things such as makeup and new music! Abby’s plans to have a great year are being turned into dog food. Will Abby follow her friends, or follow her dreams? Because she can’t have both. After all, Smart Girls don’t wear mascara!