The Pale (The Chronicles of The Pale #1)

The Pale (The Chronicles of The Pale #1)

Publication Date: 15 Sep 2017
Odyssey Books

ISBN 9781925652024

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A series of aftershocks damages the massive defences of the Pale, whose humachine citizens are ruled by the baleful Regent. The structure of life, so well defined since the original cataclysm, is ruptured. When Tad rescues the human boy Hector from the ravening ferals of the Outside, the Pale's careful systems change forever. As Hector grows more and more human-strange to the citizens of the Pale, Tad is ostracised and cast into the Outside. Here he meets the intelligent, story-telling canini who work with the Tribes, while the Settlers plot the destruction of the Pale. In a desperate bid to find Tad, Hector leaves the Pale and goes on to discover his own impossible origins.