The Last Qumranian: Infinity Chronicles #1

The Last Qumranian: Infinity Chronicles #1

Publication Date: 1 Oct 2019
Odyssey Books

ISBN 9781925652673

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Lukas is the last Qumranian, an ancient sect sworn to secrecy and to protect the prophecies that bind the worlds together. They develop a powerful technology that can control time, and their discovery attracts unwanted attention. When the Unclean—a militant force masked by dark magic—attack the hidden Qumranian compound under what once was the Dead Sea, Lukas barely escapes. But at what cost? With his life intact, he finds himself a prisoner in a timeline not his own. Alone in a foreign landscape, a ruthless religious group slaughtering any who oppose them in the streets, and an artefact that literally can—and probably has—changed human history, Lukas must not only struggle to stay alive, but locate the only thing that can prevent the Unclean from destroying the world. Will Lukas manage to retrieve the artefact before more damage is done to the timeline of history, or will he be too late, forever lost in an alternate reality?